Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Who would tell us what to hate if it wasn't for the Daily Mail?

Whereas I could possibly accept that Daily Mail readers are simply misguided, most of the people who actually create it are clearly a waste of DNA. How the country can react so angrily to Jade Goody being a not-particularly-racist bully yet ignore the actually-racist and deeply, deeply vile Daily Mail is completely bizarre. I would include the Daily Express too, but their paranoid Diana fixation has relegated them from the world of 'newspapers'.

Anyway, I was reminded just how morally corrupt The Mail was today by two stories. Firstly the current investigation by the Commons Joint Committee on Human Rights into the incitement to hatred by the Mail and Express. The last few paragraphs in the BBC article just about sum the newspapers up really. However, what can the committee do anyway? I doubt they'll pass a law allowing you to slap anyone you see reading the Daily Mail and taking it seriously, even though that's probably exactly what we need.

In an unrelated and yet equally stupid move, Paul Dacre, the editor of the Daily Mail, ranted about politicians all loving the BBC. This is the BBC that has just been told it can't have enough money by the government of course... the BBC that was smacked-down by the Hutton report for telling the truth... the BBC that every Tory and most of Labour would like to scrap. What world is he living in? Well, that was a slightly rhetorical question of course since we all know he's living in a world full of scary immigrants who want to steal his job and kill his children. Of course he hates the BBC - it balances the world of the UK media a bit and counteracts some of the racist, homophobic, vomit-inducing output of his 'newspaper'. Paul Dacre, you are a loathsome man - don't you dare infect the minds of people who ignore your paper with your lunatic hate-filled jabberings.


Fiona Mont said...

Thank you for posting this blog. I was beginning to feel as though I was the only person in the world to feel this way.

My family and I were bullied by the Daily Mail for years. They tortured us.

Since that period in my life I have seen countless other people driven to the edge by the same newspaper and it makes me feel sick.

They are definately trying to poison societies mind all the time. A recent quote I read was 'spurts hate and fear from every page and is in a permenant state of outrage about everything'

Definition of bully according to the Oxford Dictionary:

One who uses his strength or power to hurt or intimidate others.

This to me defines the Daily Mail.

Dominic said...

I'm sorry to hear that you were on the receiving end of some of their nastiness. It saddens me that they are one of the more popular newspapers.. perhaps people like to have their paranoias 'confirmed' by their newspaper? I don't know, but it doesn't reflect well on society.